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★Black Friday Sales★Tactical Frog Titanium FX-Diving Watch V2
$229.00 $189.00
  • Black dial - black bezel
  • Black dial - blue bezel
  • Blue dial - blue bezel
  • Blue dial - black bezel
  • + 2
Heimdallr SKX007 JUBI Mechanical Watch
$249.00 from $149.00
  • Black
  • Sunburst Blue
  • Sunburst Orange
  • Sunburst Green
  • + 1

Heimdallr Brand Story

HEIMDALLR (in Norse and Viking mythology) is THE WATCHMAN of all the gods, Heimdallr lived at the entrance to ASGARD, where all the other gods lived. He guarded BIFROST, the rainbow bridge which led into ASGARD. Inspired by this story, we create this ambitious micro-brand to produce high-quality dive watch for all watch lovers all over the world.

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